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Routledge Online Studies on the Olympic and Paralympic Games (ROSO) is a unique learning resource, publishing scholarly and multidisciplinary research on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Aimed at academics, researchers, lecturers, students, authors, educators, athletes, coaches, journalists, Olympic and Paralympic centres, policy-makers, professionals and anyone with an interest in the Games, the platform aims to stimulate the production of new knowledge, facilitate dialogue and connections across disciplines and contribute to the ‘learning legacy’ of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

ROSO contains over 1000 journal articles and book chapters, including handbooks and major reference works, dating back to the 1960s, on themes including: the media, education, gender, politics, governance, management, law, business, ethics, legacies, the environment, disability studies, athletic performance and history. ROSO's Managing Editor, Dr Vassil Girginov of Brunel University, UK, has assigned a theme to every journal article and book chapter, allowing the user to search their area of interest.

Routledge has also commissioned over 40 new journal special issues across disciplines on Olympic and Paralympic Studies that will be revealed on our innovative platform..

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We publish hundreds of journals and thousands of new books each year, from offices all over the world. Our current publishing program encompasses the liveliest texts, and the best in research, with over 35,000 books in print.

Routledge has the largest and most comprehensive publishing programme in Sport and Leisure Studies in the world. Our journals and books cover the full breadth of the discipline, including: sport science, sport medicine, physical education, sport coaching, sport management, sport development, sport technology and engineering, research methods in sport, and the history, politics, sociology and philosophy of sport.

Routledge has been publishing research on Olympic and Paralympic Studies for over 40 years.

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